New member of the team

The MBSE Development Team is pleased to welcome Michael Dillon to the team.  Michael has a long history with the BBS scene and we’re happy to have him help with coding and development.  Michael’s main focus will be to bring MBSE’s codebase inline with modern compilers and to improve the code’s security and clarity.

Author: Sean

I have been involved in BBSing for over 25 years. I have run a BBS nearly constantly since 1996 under OS/2, ArcaOS, Windows, and Linux. I now run Outpost BBS using MBSE under Slackware 64 Linux. I am also the author and developer of the Cheepware line of BBS doors and utilities and the founder/zone coordinator of The Micronet Information Network (zone 618), a FTN-style BBS mail network. I am a member of the MBSE Development Team.