New member of the team

The MBSE Development Team is pleased to welcome Michael Dillon to the team.  Michael has a long history with the BBS scene and we’re happy to have him help with coding and development.  Michael’s main focus will be to bring MBSE’s codebase inline with modern compilers and to improve the code’s security and clarity.

MBSE Released

MBSE BBS Released

August 15, 2020 — The MBSE BBS Development Team has released v1.0.7.18 for MBSE BBS. Updates are:

* Fixed the longstanding issue with the wrong binary being put into /etc/xinetd.conf or /etc/xinetd.d/mbsebbs

* also verifies that xinetd is installed for Devuan systems like it does for Ubuntu and Arch Linux.

Planned updates: we will work on updating MBSE to work better with systemd.

You can get this update via our Fidonet MBSE filebone or at

Support is offered via the Fidonet MBSE echo.

Sean Dennis on behalf of the MBSE Dev Team